Will the performance of your applications meet service level agreements? We offer test management, functional testing, performance testing and tuning services.

OnX Enterprise applies quality management principles to IT to dramatically improve an enterprise's ability to continuously measure, maximize, and manage the IT-enabled business processes to produce business results, while reducing the overall cost of technology. The principles and product/service offerings wrapped around OnX strategies are:

· allow companies to optimize their substantial, yet under-performing, technology investments made over the last three to five years.

· ensures companies deploying new technologies can optimize those investments from the very start of the project, therefore lowering the cost of IT.

· ensures all technology projects meet the needs of the business as a whole, by creating the ability to measure the performance of IT-enabled processes from the perspective of business results and the end user experience, not just at the level of system or component performance.

Once an organization embraces technologies such as a Quality and Performance center for individual projects, the value is quickly apparent.

As an organization attempts to apply quality management principles to multiple projects, they frequently encounter:

As a result, customers end up being the primary QA engineers as bugs and performance issues surface in production.

The solution is the creation of a Quality Center of Excellence (CoE), assembling the tools, expertise and processes necessary to apply quality management principles consistently to a broad range of application development projects across the organization. 

The advantages of a CoE are:

With a CoE in place, the result is consistent and cost-effective quality implementation across the application lifecycle, with the reuse of tools and techniques from one project to another.  Defects are caught in development, not production as testing becomes more formalized.  The costs of finding and repairing defects are recaptured.  Ultimately, a transformation of the culture of the organization can be achieved as the expectation of quality becomes ingrained in the application lifecycle.

Once an organization experiences the value of applying OnX to individual projects, it becomes natural to ask how to leverage the quality management resources, expertise and tools within the organization.  Building a CoE is a way of extending the benefits gained on application lifecycle management (ALM) optimization projects throughout the organization.  Centralizing the people and tools involved in implementing BTO means having an organization dedicated to and practiced in quality management principles available for any project. The organization gains consistency in the application of quality standards with a centralized responsibility within the business.  And the experience gained on previous projects shared and leveraged for future projects.  A CoE is the most cost effective way of leveraging your resources and formalizing critical processes to build a culture of quality.