Executives can perform at a higher level and eliminate wasted time with the HP Executive Scorecard. The Scorecard automatically gathers metrics from across your IT systems to build key performance indicators.


System Tune can configure the Scorecard and Dashboards to show business-friendly information to maximize the value of IT investments. System Tune uses HP IT Financial Management enhancements to deliver end-to-end performance management and service-based costing.


Before the HP IT Executive Scorecard, IT tried to pull together reports using manual processes that were slow, difficult, and with little or no governance. With the HP IT Executive Scorecard you can automate the gathering of information from diverse sources, consolidating it, linking it to a service hierarchy and presenting it in near real time.

Additional information:

In HP IT Executive Scorecard version 9.40 we are pleased to provide a product that provides IT managers and business executive with the performance information they need in order to identify the best and most economical way to run their business. The product provides an extensible data model for key areas of IT performance and finance, out-of-the-box metrics, analytic libraries based on ITIL and other industry standards, financial tools for cost allocation and budgeting, and predefined data integrations across the HP IT Performance Suite and beyond.

With HP IT Executive Scorecard you can:

– Evaluate cloud computing

– Accelerate agility and efficiency with Dev Ops

– Govern application transformation decisions

– Correlate project investments and quality

– Optimize data center capacity and cost

– Justify cost of security investments

– Improve quality of service delivery

– Provide better protection for your information

– Reduce the cost of operations

– Evaluate ROI of automation

– Govern compliance in IT and more

This release includes the following new features:

– The CloudOptimization context, KPIs, Metrics, and the Cloud Optimization CAP were added. They relate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) datasource, HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA), and vCenter Chargeback Manager, providing cost and usage reports based on cost allocation report provided by AWS accounts, reporting analysis, and cost and usage reports based on vCenter Chargeback Manager.

– Improved IT Financial Management where you can add your dimensions to the FinancialManagement context and base your allocations and costs on these dimensions.

– New Analytics & Generic Capabilities.

– Improved drill to details. In Explorer, the Details tab provides over time and historical information about the selected item and the Data Set tab provides the ability to drill down into the details of the formula used to calculate the KPI or Metric, to see the building blocks of the calculation results, and to analyze the raw data used for the calculation.

– Java 7 and IPv6 are now supported.

This release also includes the following legacy features:

– A UI that enables you to:

> Drag and drop KPIs to easily build scorecard hierarchies.

> Build dashboard pages using OOTB components.

> Open collaboration in context.

> Analyze OOTB KPIs using KPI explorer.

– You can also leverage UI mashup capabilities to design flows and pages that fulfill the needs of any business persona, and extend the presentation with BO Webi or Xcelsius reports and analytics based on the data warehouse IT data model universes.

– The OOTB content is based on HP knowledge and best practices. The OOTB scorecards, KPIs and analytics help IT and project managers improve their processes and organizations. The Executive Scorecard IT Data model can also be used to easily implement more KPIs and reports.

– An extensible IT data warehouse that has OOTB integrations to Application Lifecycle Manager, Asset Manager, Amazon Web Services, Business Service Manager, Cloud Service Automation, Data Protector, Insight Control, Network Automation, Network Node Manager, Operations Orchestration, Project Portfolio Manager, Server Automation, Storage Essentials, Service Manager, Universal Configuration Management Database, and vCenter Chargeback Manager. The IT Data warehouse allows extending existing integrations and adding additional integrations with non-HP products leveraging SAP Business Objects Data Services.

– Unique ITFM capabilities provided by introducing a cost allocation engine and budgeting correlated with resource utilization.

– A development environment, allowing users to extend data warehouse ETLs, data model, metrics and dashboards. The HP IT Executive Scorecard Licenses to Use (LTUs) are purchased separately from the media product. A product LTU grants the right to use HP IT Executive Scorecard according to the terms of the individual LTU.

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