Danik Daniels, Partner - Enterprise IT

Danik helps CIO's and other executives solve a wide range of technology problems. In 1998, his work as a PricewaterhouseCoopers consultant started him on the path of assisting large clients that include TD Bank, Canada Post, Corel, Resolve, Telus, the City of Toronto and the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Recent clients include AVIVA, Senica, Servus and Royal Bank of Canada.

Danik is a Systems Tune partner and provides services to multiple large technology providers. One example is Danik is a key OnX "go to" person when emergencies arise.

Danik is on the HP Mobile Applications Product Group advisory board. His extensive experience enables him to rapidly perform technology assessments and establish enterprise wide practice strategies.

From automated testing to introducing innovative enterprise technology platforms, Danik helps companies with delivery and management methodologies that drive out costs and drive in improved governance.

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