With a SystemTune implementation of HP CloudSystem Enterprise (CSE), your organization can deliver not only Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), but also Anything as a Service (XaaS).

XaaS means that in addition to delivering virtual servers and storage as services, CloudSystem Enterprise can manage and provision enterprise-grade applications such as Microsoft Exchange, or even custom developed applications, such as cloud-based services.


The above diagram illustrates the HP CloudSystem Enterprise architecture. HP CloudSystem Enterprise extends the foundation of HP CloudSystem Matrix with the seamless integration of HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA). HP CloudSystem Enterprise manages the entire application-to-infrastructure lifecycle—from provisioning, to managing and monitoring, to releasing resources back to the cloud.

The diagram shows how Cloud Service Automation, with its cloud management platform for brokering and managing enterprise grade application and infrastructure cloud services, and Matrix Operating Environment are engineered to work together, as well as with additional HP CloudSystem extensions and third-party assets.

HP CloudSystem Enterprise components included in the software starter suite

Besides Cloud Service Automation, components of CloudSystem Enterprise that enable its capabilities include:

• HP Operations Orchestration (OO)

OO coordinates communication between integrated products and managed devices.

• HP Server Automation (SA)

SA deploys operating systems and policies to managed devices. It provides lifecycle server management and automated application deployment, and automates tasks such as provisioning, patching, configuration management, and compliance management. This software can also provision operating systems, and can automate the ongoing lifecycle management of a deployed OS or application with policy-based patching and compliance capabilities.

• HP Database and Middleware Automation (DMA)

DMA provides a content library for database and middleware management. It provisions application architectures onto existing infrastructure, and can also manage those applications, providing pre-packaged workflows for application patching, compliance, and code release. DMA eliminates the need for manual customization.

HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite includes the licenses for: Five CSA Foundation Server 10 OS Instance Pack, 50 OS instances of Server Automation Enterprise Plus (minus MultiMaster and Server Automation Visualizer), and 50 OS instances of Operations Orchestration Enterprise (OO Enterprise O-Node), and 5 OS instances of Database and Middleware Automation (Database Solution Pack).

What does SystemTune deliver?

• Installation and configuration of Cloud Service Automation (CSA) & Operations Orchestration (OO)

• Server Automation (SA) and/or Database & Middleware Automation (DMA) installation and integration to CSA

• Six (6) IaaS service designs

• One (1) OO QuickPack


With the SystemTune HP CloudSystem Enterprise implementation users can:

• Broker and manage on-demand application and infrastructure services

• Enforce compliance

• Meet service-level agreements (SLAs) with performance and availability management

• Secure data with multi-tenancy and role-based access

• Deliver comprehensive, unified service lifecycle management