Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is part of the complete application lifecycle, encompassing requirements, test and development management. ALM is extended via like Project and Portfolio Management, Fortify and Agile Manager to support planning and securing of high quality applications.

Standardize Quality Processes across projects

Implement consistent practices within HP Quality Center to enable standardization of metric collection and reporting.


Standardization of quality processes across projects allows best practices within a silo to be raised to the overall organization.

Consistent practices enables staff to be easily moved from project to project, providing staff flexibility.

Current practice of having projects for dev, qa, and staging is leading to inefficiencies.


Conduct process reviews to understand where processes are particularly effective.

Document and distribute these processes to other quality projects, enabling the propagation of these best practices across the enterprise.

In particular, change project hierarchy to merge all data together into a single project, or migrate to application-based project hierarchies.


Allows best practices within individual project silos to be identified and documented.

Implementation of these best practices provides inherent gains in quality practices, making everyone perform better and more consistently.

Further rework of the processes and best practices enables continuous improvements to application projects.

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